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One month down…

So, it’s the end of January, and how have we fared in the Spending Experiment household? Well, I have certainly had confirmed what I already knew – just because you aren’t buying anything doesn’t mean you stop spending. A tax bill, car insurance, kaput washing machine and root canal surgery meant that I actually spent a painful amount of cash on just trying to stand still. I don’t even want to put the actual amount into words because it will make me cry (again).

Other than that, I’ve found not buying anything quite liberating. Shopping is way quicker and cheaper when you have a list and a mission not to look at anything other than groceries. Strolling through the city centre is now more about counting pigeons and hugging bollards with The Boy than gazing in shop windows. I’ve even managed to avoid all the sad closing-down-75%-off-everything-must-go sales, although there was a little tug towards Past Times and La Senza mid-pigeon count this afternoon.

So, all in all, I think we’re doing OK. The Boy has had a few new stickers (for bribery purposes), and a book (courtesy of Grandad’s unwanted book token), but apart from that, I’m feeling all pure and smug about it.

But we have a great big fat failure in our midst. Not that I ever thought Geek Boy would be able to rein in his desire for “more stuff”, but I’m a little bit gutted that he only lasted till, um, about 2nd January. OK, he didn’t actually spend anything at the woodwork auction, but he went, and that to me shows intention to spend if the opportunity arises. Grrr. And then, oh and then, I found a bag on the sideboard. A bag from the charity bookshop. A bag containing a book. A great big fat failure of a book. A book entitled HTML Complete, 3rd Edition. It will no doubt be added to the big fat pile of failure which will slowly emerge from Geek Boy’s desk over the next few months.

When I suggested this no-spend project, I thought it was all going to be about me overcoming my shopping addiction, but in fact, I think Geek Boy’s hoarding of man-stuff is the real issue, and in February I intend to address his problem 😉 Watch this space…


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