Spending Experiment

Consumers on strike for 2012.

On your marks

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it.  I’ve been a naughty blog slacker, caught up in Christmas and my other writing work.  But today is the first day of our new regime so it seems only right that I get my butt into gear and put down some words.

So, what’s been happening since the last post?  Well, Geekboy and I have had many a discussion about “the rules”, what constitutes essential spending, etc.  And basically, he concludes that anything he takes a fancy to and wants to buy is essential (new colour laser printer, old bits of wood from dead men’s sheds at the woodwork auction [baffled]), whereas anything I want is mere frippery and definitely out of bounds.  Well, that’s me told then.

Being reluctantly in charge of most of the household finances though, it falls to me to make the spending decisions and so I have my own plan of action…

  • Firstly, I’m going to shop at Aldi every other week.  I actually love Aldi so that will be fun.  The hard part will be avoiding the random stuff in the middle of the aisles.  I often get tempted by welding gloves or snow chains.
  • And I’m going to start leaving my purse at home (but not when I’m going out specifically to shop – that would be most annoying.)  I am the world champion in going out to buy a pint of milk and spending £25.
  • Start using the little local shops more.  I can then buy just what I want, while helping our lovely local high street.  Going into Sainsbury’s, while being definitely closer, and probably cheaper, is not economical when I end up buying toys, comics, clothes etc for The Boy.
  • And, I know this sounds a little geeky and sad, but I shall try and record everything I spend.  In the end, this exercise/experiment is to look at my own spending patterns and identify my danger zones.

I think we’re making a good start anyway.  Yesterday I went into town to have my hair cut and I had a quick browse around the shops, thinking I may have a final blowout.  But dy’know, there was absolutely nothing I wanted.  There was a pretty little purse in one of my favourite shops that I would have bought without a second thought last year, but I’m already putting my rules to work.  Yes, it was pretty, but I have a purse that I love already.  Yes, it was cheap, but is the fact that I can afford something really a good reason to buy something?  We went out and bought a new bookcase after lunch, but it was something we needed, had discussed and planned for a long time, and anyway, the rules hadn’t started yet.  And it looks lovely.

Total spend today    £1.49 – bottle of milk.


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One thought on “On your marks

  1. Let your hair grow, eat the bookcase and rent a cow. Job done.

    Good luck !

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