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Consumers on strike for 2012.

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The first cut

With just one month to go until I consign my purse and cards to the bottom of the kitchen drawer, I am taking small steps to becoming a non-consumer. Today I have been unsubscribing from all the millions of stores I receive emails of seduction from (seemingly every 5 minutes at the moment). So goodbye John Lewis, White Stuff (ouch), Aldi (got to love those Thursday specials!), H&M, Marks & Spencer, and…. yep, you’ve got to go too darling Amazon. Spending is so easy when all you do is follow a link from an email and press ‘buy’. I think just unsubscribing from these harlots can really make a difference to my monthly outgoings. So there, step one completed! Just have to go and make a last purchase of blinkers now for when I’m walking down the High Street.


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