Spending Experiment

Consumers on strike for 2012.

Why blog?

I’m good at coming up with crazy ideas and schemes, but I’m by no means a finisher. I think this blog will help me sort out my ideas, make things right and proper, and also allow me to ask other people what they think. It’s also a good place to make funny comments about Geek Boy, and get in a bit of mummy-boasting too (though I promise that will be minimal) I’m hoping that writing things down, and being accountable to blog land will help us to keep at it and remain committed to our (somewhat wishy-washy) cause. I’m also going to talk about other stuff when I feel like it, but probably not Michael Gove, because he gets me very very angry and I need to take my super-strength tablets every time his highly-slappable face enters my consciousness.
Oh, and our “experiment” (had to call it that to get Geek Boy on board) doesn’t actually start until 1 Jan 2012, so until then I will be pontificating on all things, and probably doing a lot of shopping.


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